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What is VRI

VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) is a way that Hearing and Deaf individuals in the same room  are able to communicate with each other through a computer, a video camera and a sign language interpreter that is in another location. 

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How does it work

Video Remote Interpreting is a way of comunicating with deaf individuals through a computer and a web video camera.

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What is the cost

The cost varies but is normally less expensive than a live interpretert

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Where can I use VRI?

  • Hospitals

    Many times VRI is the fastest way to start communication when a deaf patient arrives at the hospital even if an on site interpreter is on the way....

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  • Doctors Office
    Doctors Office

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  • Colleges and High Schools
    Colleges and High Schools

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  • Job Interviews
    Job Interviews

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Why use us for VRI

Communication is a tool that allows humans to communicate with and understand each other. That communication can be verbal or non-verbal, such as with American Sign Language. The strong desire to be understood by another, is present in all communication. When people do not share a common language there is the need for a qualified interpreter to provide access to communication. This is critical for all parties involved. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 300,000,000 people with hearing difficulties residing in America. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) law requires businesses who receive government funds to provide “equal access” to their services for all people, including those with disabilities. For a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing individual, a qualified sign language interpreter (provided by the business), is an accommodation which meets this need for “equal access.” With modern technology and minimal equipment, it is now possible to have a qualified sign language interpreter anywhere there is internet access. To accommodate the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing population by providing equal access to communication, all you have to do is contact your VRI service provider and break the wall of silence.

VRI services can be useful for schools, business meetings, hospitals, conferences and more. Hire our agency for high-quality sign language interpretation services. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a device such as a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone with a webcam.

Visit the VRI portal, log-on with your username and password provided by the portal and connect with a live interpreter.

When should you opt for VRI?

  • In the absence of qualified interpreters near you
  • When an in-person interpreter is not immediately available (such as in an emergency room)
  • To maintain the privacy of a client who would prefer not to involve a local interpreter (such as depositions and other legal matters)

VRI: Things you need to know

For a successful VRI session all you need is video conferencing equipment. VRI allows the interpreter to see the Deaf client and “voice” for them, as well as hear the hearing person, through webcam and speaker. The online VRI service is available 24/7 for the clients. Clients can access VRI services, either by securing the appointment beforehand or they may call without prior appointment for service.

VRI packages are affordably billed by the hour or by the half-hour depending on the setting.

Who needs VRI service:

Although VRI services will not be the right fit for everyone, VRI services can be utilized by any individual or organization. These services are being used by businesses for interviews, job trainings and corporate meetings. Deaf professionals can use VRI to talk with their clients, review records, conduct interviews, trainings, meetings, etc. VRI interpreters are being utilized in academic classrooms, colleges and universities. Medical offices, hospitals and government entities are all experiencing the flexibility that VRI has to offer.

100% secure and private service

We provide complete audio and video encryption during the VRI session to ensure that unauthorized elements cannot access the session.

VRI service is designed to break down communication barriers. The purpose behind VRI service is to provide quality communication for Sign Language users. By using VRI services you will be making yourself accessible to those with hearing loss. Together we will provide equal access and opportunity for this significant portion of the population. Thanks to you and our qualified interpreters, we will ensure that their “voices” are heard.

With cutting edge technology, high-quality equipment, and qualified interpreters, it is possible for anyone to provide affordable interpretation services for the Deaf and Hard-of Hearing…anywhere.